Sunday, 2 September 2012

1.9.2012 - Last holiday meeting and a journey.

I have no photos from the meeting. really. How-did-this-happened.

I have photos from another...thing I participated.
It was a journey from Shire to Mordor at Klimkovice, nearby village. It was rainy weather from the morning, so we didn't know if it wasn't cancelled... Long story short, it was.

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My day:

Get up at 8:00

09:00 Meeting Chris, going for Takeshi

Waiting for everybody at our usual place until 10:30, then Fukushima.

13:45 Leaving, going home, changing into hobbit suit, meeting Ňapy and her two relatives + Chris.

14:26 Leaving from Svinov to Klimkovice.

15:00 Sanatoria Klimkovice. Looking for the place we're supposted to meet at. We went aaaall around the spa areal,  finding nothing. Then we asked some lady who wanted to go there, too. We found the place.
Nobody was there.
Waiting at summer-house.
The ,,journey administrator" came to tell us the journey was cancelled.

We went from Klimkovice to Dolní Lhota, more or less 7-8 km. (Add wrong shoes(+5km), rain and...yeah :D)

Well, then we went back to our hometown by tram, went home, I had a magnificent shover, re-dressed (for a third time this day) and we went to meet our friends again.

A fun day!

Also, new word has been discovered: Slešna. A girl, slečna, who likes slash. Slešna.

Yes. Chris went as a Spock.
Spock doesn't like hobbits.

Me as a hobbit.

A proof we actually were at Dolní Lhota.


You though I'll post some photos from the meeting, right, HAHA :D

And photo of the nature.



  1. Skutečně... co se stalo, že nemáš fotky ze srazu?! xD
    JE škoda, že to nebylo, ale alespoň jste se prošli ne?! xD
    Ty fotky jsou ale boží

  2. Já nevím, nějak mě vůbec nenapadlo něco vyfotit :D
    No to jsme se tedy prošli, uch :'(
    Děkuju :)