Friday, 7 September 2012


I like to do these things. And I'm deleting them after I post it. :D

1. The meaning behind my URL: My inner me, curious and privacy taking. (Johankastalks)
2. Weakness: Emotions
3. Why I love my best friend: I can trust her
4. Last time I cried and why: Last time was about a year ago, when I couldn't hear my best friend hurting, unable to help
5. Piercings I have: Ears
6. Favorite Band: Right now, Bee cake
7. Biggest turn off(s): Hypocrites, homophobes, stupid people in general
8. Tattoos I want: Keltic tiny tattoo (2x2cm) somewhere, not sure where. (on my upper arm probably, easy to hide, easy to see
9. Biggest turn on(s): Imagination and intelligence
10. Age: 21
11. Ideas of a perfect date: Walking somewhere at night
12. Life goal(s): Independent artist
13. Piercings I want: Belly button and nipple piercings (won't happen, unfortunately)
14. Relationship status: In relationship 
15. Favorite movie: Lord of the rings
16. A fact about my life: I don't trust anyone endlessly, but noone actually betrayed me before.
17. Phobia: I'm afraid of heights a lot, but I'm able to suppress it, when necessary. 
18. Middle name: Sigrid (Didn't work officially, but I'm using it sometimes, anyway.)


  1. 6 & 15 yay ♥ and 16 is pretty interesting .) well everything is but that know...:'D