Sunday, 16 September 2012



My first Manifest, ever.
I think it was the last one, too. :D

More under the cut.

I was forbidden to add a few damaging photos, so I won't.
I was also forrbiden to speak about various things, so...I won't. :'D

Only thing I can say is that Chris is ungetdrunkable :D and if anyone else tries it again, I'll defend him with all I have. even through he's really cuddly when he's sick. :D

Tenshi stealing an apple

,,Does anyone want an apple?" :D

Bloody dwarfs (superscary)


got any change??


Fabi carrying Tenshi on her back and my shadow.

Dark street we spend a lots of time in.

Only thing we had for foodafter Fabi left

Sweet :')

Not as sweet :'D

No alcohol O.o

Bye Tenshiiii 

Tenshi's real unicorn form. :D