Monday, 30 April 2012

Sunday, 29 April 2012


Another part of my diary.
:D I tend to make people's ass bigger than it actually is. :D

Piece of outfit.

Mine, her1. and her2.

Friday, 27 April 2012


Long time, no look.
 I felt like posting...something, at last. And since I don't actually feel like posting this on Lookbook, I'll post it here. :)
It's from this week.

Listen to this while crolling.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Colleague drawing 

Waiting for another lesson

There's another space behind the paper. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fashion Crossroad 24.5-26.5.2012

After a few months, there's next session of Fashion Crossroad in Ostrava!

It's a fashion action, hold in,,Bonver arena" house - perfect factory-like place  with really cool atmosphere.
You can find works from young designers, handmade fashion produsts, dresses, skirts, purses, accresorries, even stuffed animals and so on~

If you have a time - you should come and see it!

Saturday, 14 April 2012



 Love the schoolboard

Unpostable look

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Music post

Not actually a ,,Monthly music" as I wanted it to be, but let's call it a list of...,,My hyperchangeable music taste". Or something.

I'll sjust shut up now and throw a pile of music clips on ya, right?

As first, let's listen some soundtrack music.
This one, as you might notice, is from How To Train your Dragon movie - which I can higly recommend.
(For you, who knows me well, you know how I hate most of those animated movies. but this one is...aww.)

Somehow I just remembered on my time spended at france~
I really like that place.

This song is still so high on my list.
The best one for getting up at 0600 Monday morning.

Just digging up in my memories. :)

Koop, my love.

Looks kinda funny in my list, doesn't it. :D
I actually don't know who played it for me like a first, it was Ája or maybe Ňapy.
Altrough I'm not actually a K-pop lover, I agree that this is really addictive song.


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Last few days!

Hello my fellow readers! Since this was quite funny week, I decided to post one week diary, just for this occasion. I was updating every day, or...every few days.
Includes photo, might be pic-heavy.


School. Nothing interesting there, if we skip our perverted model for drawing - 50 years old guy who likes to undress and blink on the girls when he thinks they're looking at him. I hate him. I was in serious need of a shock blanket right after the lesson was finished.

Meeting Fabi, then some engrish and going home.
Meeting t'hy'la and - we spotted two girls from our HC Ostrava community, Neki and Kitsune. We stalked them for a while and had incredibly lots of fun, especially with the poor bookshop's board.
While leave-taking with Chris we spotted Danielle with her gentleman.
I had a serious suspicion there's some VIP meeting in Ostrava. (Usually I don't meet 6 HC people in one day unless it's some meeting.)

 Bones (Star trek)
Castiel (Supernatural)
THIS is Supernatural!!!
Yeah, enjoy the lovely wiew or my friend's back!

The RHS day, first time I had RHS at my current school.
Let me tell you, the artistic school is the best place where to wear such a shoes. So many looks, but not ,,wtf is she wearing" but ,,omg those are cool!" ones! ^^
(Outside the school it was copmpletely different, though.)

(when passing people makes you move when your camera takes the photo.) 

 ,,Let's make accesorries photo."
,,...where's the accesorries?"

And Ostrava from all sides, or, The Chicken Bone on the Public Transport Station.


The book hunting and cinema day.
First thing I did was stealing a headband from Ňapy. I just found a magic of those soft headbands with the rubber, so you can use them as a bracelet or whatever. I even sew one. (And bought one at H&M).
We did a big book hunting, Ňapy needed some books at the library and I wanted to collect a book I ordered in a stock in Ostrava - in that part of Ostrava I barely know. Long story short - we didn't find it.
On our way back we stopped by at ,,Karolina" new HUGE shopping centre in the centre of Ostrava. I'll spare you of the describing how ugly and unuseful it is. Yes, there are lots of shop you can't find in Ostrava, but it's all half empty and whole idea of making such a gugantic shopping centre in OSTRAVA is so ridiculous, I don't even want to talk about it anymore.
The truth is that in Lindex, which is usually quite full, there were two shopping assistants and one customer aside of us. Same the H&M and all the others shops - but not Claire's. Oh no, the Ostrava people found Claire's. D':
I bought my headband and run away from that fuckin' building. Bleh.
In a 30 minutes there was a War horse movie at out Minikino, where my friend Ája was waiting for me.
Mr Spilberg, you softy! I din't like the movie, but I was really happy to see Benedict Cumberbatch there - in very unfitting moustache, unfortunately, but I did enjoy his voice shouting the orders on his soldiers. ^^

The endless way

The War Horse 

 On my way back home.

Oh, the lazy day. I woke up sooo late, I didn't even went to school. After a while of chatting with Ňapy we agreed to come out for a while - which somehow became a few hours.
We went to have an icecream, and it was really, really cold outside, so we were sitting on the bench, shivering and eating. :D
Then we went to Ňapy's to watch some Lost. Yay! :D
After coming back home I started to sew the headband, finished the collar, made a brooch and ring - what a productive day, lol.

 Ňapy being cute as always and me being creepy psycho with icecream. 


Okay, friday the lazy day at home.
It was supposted to be.
So ordering an takeaway for a lunch, then going to that fuckin' book stock again. Grr.
But at last I got it this time. Yay! It's awesome book. (,,josef sudek o sobě" by Jaroslav Anděl)
Now I'm going to watch the Wild Target, sew something and then reeeeaaad that booook. Yeah and I have to finish one fanfiction about Sherlock. It's very cool one, there's even mention of czech Republic in there, wow! :D
My favourite piece of England village in Ostrava.

Sewing, visiting local stock market with mum and candy store with coffee and candys.

The big hairdying day (another meh-watns-ginger attempt). Looks quite succesful this time, but it's still wet, so one never knows.
Visiting grandma a and cropping and signaturing photos for my friends.
AND I just realised I have only one month before another tests and photo defense. SHIT.

New hair.

Take care