Monday, 27 August 2012

Zodiac signs

Do you believe in the theory you were born under the one specific star and this star is affecting your whole life altogether with your behavior, your sense of humor or destiny?

Because I somehow do.

I'm typical Gemini, restless, with talents for various things, with inconstant nature and two-cleft personality which one in cold, responsible and logical, and the biggest one of me, emotionaly unstable, psychotic freedom-loving child.

I do believe in all this stuff. If you follow every specific point of your birth, the hour, place, date, planets, the results are simply fascinating. Lots of people says they're not fitting in these general Zodiac description, but the day you were born is very important.

For example there's Bull 21.4 - 21.5 and Gemini 22.5 - 21.6.. If you were born 22.5., your personality will be somehow split between these two signs.
My brother was born at 24th and I am 26th. He's stubborn and hardworking, convinced about everything he does, and he's so close to Bull. I am, in the other hand, typical Gemini, because I was born a bit later, almost hitting the middle of the sign.

I also believe in names and their meaning. People I know, with same name has always something similiar, sometimes it's obvious thing, sometimes it's just behavior or some very significant emotion.

Interesting, huh.

Do you believe it these things, too?

Nejčastější věc, na kterou myslím

V práci

(Nabízíme kryty na starší typy telefonů. S krytem nabízíme i výměnu, ale lidé se mě ptají na věci a detaily, které nevím, nebo vím, ale nerada vysvětluji.)

,,...Kolik je hodin..."

,,Půjdu na záchod teď, a sbalím ty dva stojany, zavřu všechny skříňky a šuplíky, zamknu stánek a poprosím někoho v okolních obchodech aby pohlídal zbytek, nebo to vydržím hodinu a půl do konce směny...?"

Ve škole

,,Nemluv na mě nemluv na mě nemluv na mě."
(U lidí, se kterými se nechci bavit. Platí i pro práci, volný čas, domov a vůbec vždy a všude.)

,,Na nic se mně neptejte na nic se mě neptejte na nic se mě neptejte"
(U profesorů, kteří se rádi ptají na názory studentů.)

,,Proč tohle dělá?"
(U lidí, kteří přijdou, podívají se na vás, pak na vaše dílo/stánek/nohy/, pak zase na vás, pak zpět na objekt zájmu a nakonec zůstanou zírat na vás. Do očí. Ideálně z patnácti centimetrů a bez vysvětlení.)

Na Irsku

,,Up, two three four five six seven, jump two three, jump two three, Up two three four five six seven, jump two three, jump two tree, Up - cojetohlezanohubududělatženic."


V tramvaji

,,Nelep se na mě smrade."

(Dospělí v tramvajích)

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Last few days I'm burrowed under a pile of history books and scripts.

I've found a few things about myself.

1. The way I should study (how early! :D)
2. Few books I want to read
3. Started writing wishlist
4. Got infected by new life desicion - when I buy a new thing, I get a rid of something else. I know this is really old system, I used to use this when I was at elementary school, Then I fell into the circle of shopping and collected lots and lots and LOTS of earrings, rings, bracelets, tights and various clothes. Now I feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothing in my closet.
There's just too many things around me!
5. I'm not addicted on internet itself, I'm addicted on fanfictions.
6. Lord of the Rings affected my life more than I thought.
7. I'd like to reuscitate my LB, but I think my clothes are so normal, it's not even possible. Chm. :D

And some more.
And now back to the history and thinking.

Saturday, 11 August 2012


I think this doesn't even need any words.

This gif shows us the great intellect of our leaders

This one shows my first reaction

Second one


This is just fucking stupid and embarrasing.
I'm bisexual with a pronounced liking for a girls if you want to know, and I feel very offended by all this bullshit.
I think sooner or later I'll just run away from this tupid country because this is just...