Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Suitcase from Hell! :D

Or, how Aki (or my personal Spock ^^) said: Now I have a place to live in. :D it¨s really...big. Not huge, but big. ..
It's black with blue borders....looks nice actually. Better than I imagined...(since it's offbrand and the price was really LOW.)

Okay, so all my stuff fits perfectly now (except my Star trek pillow. i really wanted to take it with me, but...sniff sniff. T_T)

...Yeah, it IS bigger. HAH! <3
(I'm still not sure how to call it...maybe Feregat...:D)

Monday, 25 July 2011


...I found my old, ooold shoes - they were so dirty, it was umpossible to clean them - so I decided to remade them. :)

Here you can see, how they looks like now.

 (Yeah, I'm doing everything while looking at Star trek. :D)

 Textile colour and car metallic. <3



I hate packing. Especially when my suitcase act bigger than it actually is - I have to took my backpack, too! T_T
...I'll be at Advík for four days, which means 4 outfits - which means three pair of shoes - and one extra shoes for ,,normal walking" for next week, which I'm going to spend with one friend of mine...(+ RHS for my friend).

...Next half is clothes of course - OMFG, seriously. I have two dresses and two skirts.  ...For the week at my friend's I have only pyjama, one pants, shorts and one t-shirt. Haha. (Not funny at all! :D)

...I'll try last put some of those shoes out. This is really crazy! :D I feel like a completely maniac. :D

...some time later...

...Okay, I've reduced it a bit, so I'm not taking my beloved Kuroshitsuji shoes (T_T)...So it makes...three pairs + RHS. Ach.
...And tall hose clothes...I can't reduce it more!!! O.o

...few minutes later

...Mommy came into my room while ago, looked all around it and...
,,Hey, that suitcase is somehow...small, isn't it...? Hmm... I saw some sales in local shop, let's buy a bigger one!"


Accesorries I'm taking with me...

 Hairbands, handcuffs, earrings...

 I-CAN¨T-FIT!!! :D

 My outfits :)

Yeah, and my normal clothes. HAHA. :D

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Colours of Ostrava and J-aliance meet-up.

...And Semi Precious Weapons!!! <3
There is a four day long music festival in our town every year. This was my...fifth or sixth year in there.

...I've spend those amazing days with several of my friends, but most of the time I was with one of my best friends, Misha. <3 We were sleeping in the tan, we were washing our hair in the public sink...we had watermelon for breakfast! ^^

...On friday, there was Semi Precous Weapons concert. It was...Ah, you can see it here:
Since we were in the second row, we had excellent wiew, we touched Justin, we were all sticky from Jack Daniells and champagne and it was all just amazing. <3

I picked up Harumey before concert and then we went together to screeeeam...:D
We were holding our hands and jumping together on my most favourite song : Her Hair Is On Fire. <3
(When they finished this song, my first thought was ,,Okay, it was my song, and now Magnetic baby for Harumey!" :D ...They didn't play it, unfortunately. :( ) 

On Sunday there was J-aliance meet-up. 
...I think I don't need to say anything else. :D
It was my first aliance meet-up, (not different from others meet-ups :D) but it was cute, everybody was kind and funny. :)
Here's the pics from Aiko. ^^
 Us. (Withnout our photographer. :P)
...And Dra-gon! Dra-gon!! :D 
 Me and Aki.
 We need moneyyy T_____T
 We're simply cool. :D
...Me and Aki...OMG. :D

This day i was looking forward to another amazing concert - MONO.
...No words. Simply watch and listen.
It was amazing to be there, to see them, to listen them...
I thought I will cry, but I didn't. 
I cannot...
Love them.

...Through those days I've bought some jewlery and clothes (shopping update later :)), burned my back, there was really crazy rain, storm and so on...
It was one of my best Colours of Ostrava. :D

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My star trek obsession

Ah yeah...Star trek - TOS (the original series) Spock, with his magic eyebrows(on the left, with incredibly shiny hair :D), Captain Kirk, my beloved mr awesome (golden uniform) and dr McCoy, old grouch ^^")
...Why am I writing this, anyway...?



Sunday, 3 July 2011


...Yeah, even withnout any signs. They're my crappy mobile photo from past...week, month, maybe several months...Just like a diary. :)

Best bus station in Ostrava EVER. 
Pepsi tin. <3

It started raining while I was out... 

...When I was out with mom, I saw a hedgehog! My most beloved animal!!! <3 

 Mom with hedgehog frozen on place O.o 

My beloved nest with my best pillow and Haido-kitty. 

Most awesome shopping window in our town... 

Me in shop ;D

Dying my old shirt... 

 Ah, yes....

 I just sooo fell in love with this pic. It's from the fashion book, same as the photo with motto above this one...<3

Say hello to typical Ostrava!!! 

Funny moment on entering exams.
-door 406-
-from now on 415-
Yeah, I love Ostrava University! :D 

,,Hey, hey, look, it's Spock's ass!!!" :D 

So nyummy...And the ladybug!!! LOL! :D 

...And the rainbow...:3