Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Freedom outfit

...And second day of school-leaving exams. 
...Those dresses I have on are also gift from mum to my birthday. I can't believe I didn't upload it before!!! O.o
...So now you see.

It's kind of...mori...outfit...:3

Monday, 30 May 2011

Hilarous day!

Today there was leaving-school test from czech language in our school....
I got up, brushed my teeth and dressed up in several minutes, called taxi and run out of the house..
Soon I was at school. (Taxi driver drived so FAST, omg. I told him to hurry, but...I was scared as hell xD) THE FUCK, that was close.
...Test itself wasn't that bad. It was all about logic, not Czech language...(IMHO)...
Tomorrow there's  English elementary level and day after tomorrow high English level. Ugh...Worst of it are essays...I never had a problem to write anything about everything, but now, somehow...uh. :D I always get stucked. :(
...Anyway, on my way home I went to one awesooooome secondhand. There was so cool things, pity I don't have money right now...T_T ...But I couldn't resist and bought one skirt...It's too short to be a loli skirt, but...I think I'll make it look loli somehow. ;D

Hype on LB!

Saturday, 14 May 2011


My jewel (lotos brooch) is done, so now there's a week of ,,šprting" - which means I'll have to change myself into bookworm and just...learn. :P

OMG this will be most terrible week this year. :D

...There's whole literature (25 questions) and whole technology...ugh.

But I'LL MAKE IT! <3

...also, I was out shopping with mum yesterday.
I'll wear my RHS to graduation...^^

Thursday, 5 May 2011


This day.
In school I had some problems at practices, I've lost that powerful feeling from the begining...:/

I've got my first RHS (they're ALMOST too small for me. They're so thin...Lucky I've ordered bigger size...) ...But they're awesome. <3
...Ring I've ordere was changed...so I've got...a green one...weird one...:D I didn't like it at first, but I'll get used to it. :3

...New Monki magazine arrived, full of inspiration again. ^^

...I've got lolita skirt and cute sweater from Maya, so now I can make full lolita outfit ^^ (Only thing I need are stockings and petticoat. :/)