Sunday, 10 June 2012


Drawing finals.
I did it.
Headache. Something is stuck behind my neck, so I can't move my head to the right.

More under perex.

Working on photos and HTML project - with no big success. I think it's worthless.
Finishing a new set of photos though  ...,,Secret".

Getting up early tofinish and send HTML project. There was some mistake I couldn't put my finger on; so I didn't even send it. :(

Working on photos, lurking at home, selling my old sunglasees to the girl from VotocVohoz (I love to meet them alive)...
Getting an audio book from library.
Pes Baskervillský by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Hrdý Budžes and Oněgin byl Rusák by Barbora Hrzánová. (Play is a lot better than audio book.)
Neck stucked as never.


Sending new photos to my teacher. Waiting for an answer.

Kind of day off. I know I'm gonna regret it, but my mood was lurking somewhere in the basement, my neck was hurting as hell and also my head...
Everybody could seriously go and fuckthemselfs. :)

Also, my tiny Scotty camera is back and healthy, so I'll start uploading my everyday low quality photos again.


Finishing portfolio, adding photos on my flesh disc...
Finishing The big Bang Theory 5th season...
Sunbathing at home, on the tiny beam of sunglight...
Kinda hikikomori.

Learning history
Going on play ,,Požár" by Boca Loca Lab theatre at Dream factory Ostrava action

I have tears in my eyes everytime when audience cplaps so much that actor has to came back for several times. :')

Father taking some photos

My fringe was terrible today. :P


I'm also stressing a bit about the finals from photography.

Last semester wasn't all that...good...

Teacher: This is not what I imagined, I don't actually like this kind of art...

Teacher: But it's not baaad, it's... Well I actually don't understand this kind of art you know, I'm not a photographer, so...

Teacher: But I'll give you only a few points, because, you know, this is not actually my cup of tea.

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  1. Tak nějak moc nemám co říct...

    Ale ráda si prohlížím fotky u článků.
    Teď mi to připomnělo, že už jsem dlouho nebyla v divadle. A mohla bych zase někdy, ale bohužel nám někdy vyfoukl lístky. Tak snad příště.