Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Music lately.

1. Mondiaito. Music I've found on HoneyFashionBunny blog. It catched my heart immediately. Helps vhen I'm stressed, it's good thing to listen to while working or learning - since I don't understand a word in French, it's ideal.

2. Beecake. Band my friend Ňapy reccomended - mostly because Billy Boyd, starring as Pippin in Lord of the Rings is the band's leader. And our weakness. ^^"
Their texts are simple but thoughtfull, their music is really nice and powerfull.


3. John Powell: How To Train Your Dragon movie soundtrack. Found by my best friend Brusinka.
...I don't know what to say, So I won't say anything.


Movie trailer:

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  1. Nice to see Beecake here ♥ that's great that they have another fan ;D ^^