Sunday, 17 June 2012



Photos for finals are printed.
...That's pretty much everything I've done today.
Also, 1. part of my final exam for history is finished, more or less.
Five more lasts.
I also sended photos to a photo competition. ,,Act". It should be ,,clickable" very soon - so go ahead and vote. :)  LINK

It has no barriers.

More under perex.

Buy hairdye
Dye my hair
Finish my photobook
Think out a ,,defense" for my photo finals
Learn some more history

Books and CDs are back into the library.
I dyed my hair (still ginger, more or less)
I forgot to finish that lwéíšej photobook. But it won't take too much time. Hopefully. I'll try to do a part of it at least.
History. I told mum I'm at 3rd question. I barely finished 1th.


I hanged all my photos of the wall for tomorrow's finals.
I don't feel as good as I should feel about them.
Crying won't help, but sometimes is looks like only option.

,,A secret"

,,At mr Novák's"

Atelier exhibition and defencse.
Long story short, they quite liked it.
8/15, grade 2.
I'm exhousted.

Sometimes I deeple regret I don't smoke.
I didn't even tried it, ever.

we were quite nervous.

Looks like relax, huh? But it's nerve-wrecking.
Kačínek, in red shirt is defencing her project (on the floor) ,,Welcome home".

Waiting for results.


Big prepairing for No Photo exhibition in Slezské Rudoltice.
I started at 8PM, finisher at 1:20 AM, not exactly happy with result, but...chm :/

(Looks cool, doesn't it.)

(Yeah, tihat's me, working on the beds all the time because I simply have no other place I could spread my overegohuge works.)


10:06AM leaving Ostrava-Svinov.
12:25 Arriving Rudoltice.

What a cool place. Castle, where the exhibition has been held is amazing! It's huge and complicated complex, but so pretty...
What a hot, sunny day.

15:30 Leaving Rudoltice
20:00 Insterpar in Ostrava, getting icecream :D

I loved this day. :)


A proof I was actually there ;D
,,Show me how it looks like on the wall."


History of art, exam in two days.
Trololo, I'm still at 2nd question. :)

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