Friday, 11 May 2012


At first I wanted to seperata my outfits and make three differen posts, but no time and... I'm too lazy to do that.
Animefest 2012.
It was so difficult to get there, and if I wouldn't promised t'hy'la - I wouln't go.

I've got (bought) a new petticoat from Stella, Bought some accesorries from Porcelain doll and Tenshi
Had really nice cuddly morning
Saw a few people I didn't/could't met in a while (Like Ruuki or Yomi. I was even -pleasantly- suprised they still remember me!)
Had an oppurnity to listen really nice and smooth lecture in motherfuckin' beautiful English
And, well...Just learned how to force your body and mind to relax and enjoy the time.

More under perex




Few photos I took on this year animefest can be found at my Flickr

Full, FULL warderobe.

They're waiting, haha.
...It always the best if you're NOT paying in advance - I went through the gate in two minutes, while there was looooooooooooooooooooooong row outside...

Chris wanted to sleep at the drawer.

Creature called me ,,a princess"!
Best mask on AF, btw.

From time to time, it's nice to be... ,,seme".

I want him at home, listen him all the time...

Me and my beloved accomplice!

Say bye!

Next year, maybe...

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  1. It was awesome and I love all those photos. I enjoyed resting with you under the tree.
    And I am laughing becouse of photo of Aki with his head in the drawer.