Monday, 21 May 2012



Lots of plans for monday.
I managed to go to the school - english exam. It was really...funny. I've got ,,Sherlock Holmes musem" theme.

After school I was chatting outside the building with Peter (my teacher :)) and about three people I know went around us. Now I'll look like a boss.

And Teahouse with Ňapy. :)

More under perex

New hair (SO close to ginger. YAH!)

That grandma...
She's an agent. Smith.



Unable to take a proper pic.


Some problems in the bank, secondhans, visiting a library, bazaar and second-hand book shop with my brother.
And Josef Moucha's lecture about history of Czech photography. Cool, I also got a book from him with his signature. ^^


Lecture :)

What a great day! :)
I was visiting my secondary school with Hanjulle (secondary sch.classmate) - it was ^^
We also visited Fukušima together.
I bought a golden apple ring (Couldn't resist. APPLE.) and banana brooch. (BANANA!)
And then, boring working.
School is murderous institution.

Typical. :D

My horseyyy ^^

 Coffee and two pizzas for lunch, uá. ^^

Oh I miss this SO much.


Ooo, I was taking a pic of Hanjulle's cute...T-SHIRT...oh yeah, sure...*wink*


OMG I want this one!
It's not very expensive!
489 CZK!
Pwease? :3

Some light work for school, getting out with Koblíž for a movie Antena (cool) and then a lecture about homophoby in the forgein countries. It wasn't very good, but the movie they played for us (,,Mimo zákon") was interesting. And sad.

Also, my pocket camera, Scotty, is broken. The error adds an interesting...effect to my photos, but since it's my pocketpet which I need to work with like every twenty minutes, it's highly unwelcomed. :(

My highly scientistic/messy/interesting/disghousting mess on my desk


I was so cold all the day, I had to ,,wear" a blanket all the time. 

Scotty even lost it's focus...:(


Part of my mum's birthday gift to me - a big cosmetic procedure. My face feels kinda puffy right now. :D
We also had a lunch in awesome vegetarian restaurant in the centre of Ostrava and then visited Ostrava castle's gallery - with lot of sitting on the bench and drinking coffee of course. :)
(I am SO stressed because of school now, you can see...:D:D)

Might look wird, but it was SO tasty.

carrot juice ^^

In the castle gallery


1. Internet didn't whork whole fuckin' weekend. I was supposted to wrine a ten pages long essay with HELP OF THE INTERNET.
So I was prepairing photos for tommorow.
This day, nothing special. :/

...Was such a nice sunny day, wasn't it. And I was locked down in the basement on our darkroom, making photos. Which, imo, aren't as good as I wanted them to be. Hm.


  1. 1) we have so many grannies like lives just in the house in front of ours!!!
    2)I also tried on that navy jacket..And the red one too.. even though, I would like better some other-more pastel color
    3)looks weird? Not to me..*.* XD tastyyy..I heard do much about those great vegetarian restaurants in Ova
    4) love you for the last gif
    5)I don't like number 4 so..XD

    1. Yeah, we have a few of them in our house too...:D It's terrible. But it's also a great help when you're solving a mystery of a dog poop on the lawn...:D:D

      Hmm, I wated that whore-ish red one, but it didn't suit me very was cool!

      We should go there sometimes! Only problem is that they're not open at the weekend. :(

      Haha, and now, if anybody reads your comment, they'll be confused, because I'm going to add a few more photos + one more, LAST gif. >:D


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