Sunday, 27 May 2012

21.5.-27.5.2012 Work name: jakýsi týden.


Doing a progress in Photoshop (Feelin' like a boss)
Ňapy came to visit me, helped a bit with photoshop and then a little trip to the centre. City library didn't have anything I could need, as usual. At last we meet Ejzan.
Librex, picking up a gift for my brother.


EVERYTHING makes me upset now!

...Especially few people on FB. JEŠTĚ JEDNOU! USLYŠÍM NĚCO O KOMUNISTECH A BANÁNECH...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...At last I killed some mosquito right now. Ha.
In the evening some friend of my father should came and plug a wifi for us. YAY! Bye, cable! :P

---Few hours later

I had an argue with some guy about bananas and comunism
Guy with the cable didn't arriwed
My essay writing ended at 01:12.

When I was like NŠUIERJFJ about the essay.

Martens, the heartless bitches.

Some secret there.


Feeling good at the morning I picked up my old Scooter from the basement and went to school with it.
After repairing typos and meaningless blahs in my essay and printing it.

I have to use the scooter more, I was at school (from the tram station, I'm not crazy to go there all the way) in two minutes instead of ten.

Essay and defence told, no problems there

I wasn't in the mood for the Pavel Mára's exhibition in Fiducia, so I cleaned a kitchen a bit and bought white, really innocently-looking flower for my mum for tomorrow. (There's her name day tomorrow.)

                       And I've got nice blisters. Everybody who owns some Marten's shoes got some.

Can you see the squirrel?

At home.

Brother's birthday. It's always kind of weird to kiss your siblings.

Fashion Crossroad begin today. I missed first day, but tommorow I'll go for sure.

Technician visited us today, connected wifi and repaired some tiny software mishappens in my pc.

Nothing for school done today, but I managet to paint on two linen bags - one for my friend Koblíž (she has a birthday tomorrow :D) and one for myself. Nice depressive theme.


Fashion Crossroad!
I was so fucking with my outfit, then stuffed it into the closet and took the first thing I saw - and forget to take a pic of it.

My beloved Koblíž had a great birthday, and she really liked the tote bag I made for her - reminds me I forgot to take a pic of it. -_-"

I've got two things from the independent artist selling on Fashion Crossroad (bought by mum :)). Earrings from Ťik Ťak jinak and African-ish pearl necklace. I love them both. :)

About FC later, in separate post.

After fashion show I went to the Fukišima with Ellise and then we kind of talked Chris into coming out with us. I was so happy to see him after so long. (Since AF, omfg so long. God bless the bondmate.)
...We were walking around the Poruba, talking, trying to make a sushi from Elisse...Nice evening and nice day in overall.


My birthday day - I couldn't enjoy as I wanted to - but I did, more or less. It was just really calm and... meal-ish day. At my grandmother, who gave me extrasized ,,Studentská pečeť" chocolate (I had no idea they made such a things. It's like two ordinary chocolate bars together. O.o) and some money, which I am really glad to have. :D

The lot and lot of eating (I am not eating anything tommorow) and watching Partička with mum all day long. And taking some photos, too.

And the best thing I left to the end.
My brother gave me Two books - Star trek - the undiscovered country and Star trek Crucible: Dr McCoy - Provenance of Shadows. AND TWO FUDGING ORIGINAL STAR TREK COMIC BOOKS FROM OMG 1980!!!!!!!!!!! ORIGINAL PIECES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know many of you have NO FUDGING IDEA, BUT ODDRHIOŠHRJWHEJRFHSKDF!!!!!
...And dvd with movie Kuky. <3 ^^

Piece of Star Trek comic book <3

So I am 21 today and I still feel like Alice in Wonderland.
It seems I have no problems with keeping my inner child alive. :D


Willing to work, but not working.

I went to the electro shop where I bought Scotty. In 30days I'll see if it's repaired or not... My poor baby.

There's nothing interesting in shops.
Only thing I bought is a ,,Levender cupcake" nailpolish.

Night watching BAFTA on BBC One. Benedict didn't! Won a BAFTA.

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