Sunday, 13 May 2012



A bit tired from Animefest, going through the photos, making a part of a homework from pc graphic...
Getting myself a new nailpolish (a few ml costs sooo much ><)
And taking some photos.
Lazy day.

(This week will be Benedict gif week.)

More under the cut.

Pen and envelope.

Yayyy, Ostrava!

...I started taking that photo because of a melted piece of a bin with pineapple and tomatoes and WHOP, a car was burned too. :D

Small things brings happiness. :)

Do you like picking a nailpolishes by their name too?
I really like this one.
Sometimes I even feel like matching (naming) my outfits after them.

Lots of people doesn't recognise me lately.

Packing for my three days Prague trip.
What to weaaar? Fucking weather!
Taking photos for school.


Marcipane banana



Off to Prague with my classmates and colleagues.
Rudolfinum, one gallery near/or part of a library (or what...) and photo gallery (?)
And then meeting my beloved Brusinka and having traditional BBC Sherlock screening. :)

I LOVE this one.

This bird was really cool.



Meeting at 10:00.
Visiting galleries, Prague castle...
I really liked Jan Reich's photography at the Prague castle gallery...
Visiting Japashop and Dr Martens - buying one of my dream shoes! <3 (Now only about ten another Dr Martens pairs left...:D)

Photos I liked the most
(I even managed to get a postcard with the photo on the left...)

Three of them.

St. Vít


Brusinka working.


Big responsibility of locking Brusinka's flat in the morning. Saying bye to her...:(
...And galleries!
...Bodies exhibition is too far away. :/
...I forget to find where the DOX gallery is, so Dům u kamenného zvonu it is. 

I spend almost three hours there, catched by his drawings, his mind, his...Oh my God.

Please play this music if you want to see/know my mental state for next several weeks/months.
It's awesome.
He. Was....

It also support your own imagination, so here's my video I made shortly after coming back from Prague.
It's videos from Dům u kamenného zvonu and Staroměstké náměstí (Orloj).
Music is a mobile recording from the exbibition. specifically it's a music accompanying ,,Od kolébky ke hrobu" (From the crib to the grave) part.

Relax, shopping with mum.
Loading my analog cameras, prepairing for big photograpy day.

Photos. Four photo films with 36 snaps.
Quite productive day.

Have a nice week.


  1. That's very flattering photo of me, honey :D
    Post "MAZARIN HAS NEW STORY!" one! :D
    (but please, don't link that author. Think of my reputation :D)