Saturday, 14 April 2012



 Love the schoolboard

Unpostable look

 Best and cheapest bagette ever

and strawberry macarooon! :)

Sherlock&me, Reichenbach fall.

 My new diary :)
 My mom's hair

 Dresses I want, I really REALLY want!

Meeting Hikaru. <3
Having a lovely day with Hikaru, Chris (I've got the most pervy OFFICIAL Star Trek book) Elisse, Fabi and Suzi.
Killing everybody with Sherlock details. I love Hikaru! :D
 Hikaru and THE LOOK.
 Dancing? :D
 Let's make a sherlock pose.
 Fabi the GOD.
 Errr. :D
 Terrible pic, but there's something cute on it.
 For Chris
For Chris II
Fabi the grown up.


  1. Yay for these diaries of yours..really.

    And I totally understand the sentence "My ,,fashion sense" got away altogether with my mood, it seems." as I face this state really often recently...It never took me so long to dress up and in the end I usually go for something beyond simplicity...

    And Fabi the God is really powerful.

    1. What do you, people find so interesting on those? :D

      Oh yeah. I really like simple outfits, but with this moody mood I am...really, as you say, beyon the simplicity.

      Because Fabi IS a God. And we're all her little sheeps. :)

  2. Aw~~~ I feel loved XD *huggle*
    The level of stupid I am able to generate in photos is really quite amazing (^^)"""". You look so good in them though! XD *more huggles*

    That ST T-shirt really looks cool :)

    1. *huggling, cuddling* I think our stupidity was really blooming on this meeting. :D

      It's amazing t-shirt!!! :O

  3. Did I tell you how much I love your diary posts? Did I? Never mind, I must tell it again. I love your diary posts ♥♥
    Great picture of Whiskas! XD I think I should make one with Pedigree. Ok, just kidding x'D
    Hey I love this outfit! It looks so great! And that dresses with floral pattern are cute ^^ something light on you again, wow ;D and nice meeting pics x))

    1. U did and I still don't know why. :D
      Hey hey, that whiskas thing just copyed the packagem so it fell out of the pocket with such a disghouting ,,žlop" sound... But Haido liked it, so...:D
      Thank you x) Maybe I'll add it on LB. :)
      Yeah, it's kind of surpise, isn't it! I have two creamy white dresses already, but those, with flowers, are amazing. *.*

  4. Plác.
    I like the dress.
    Haido is the sexiest kitty dead or alive.
    I'm a bus.

    1. *hard bite*
      I like them too. WANT.
      He iiiis.
      Hello, bus. Nice riding wheel.

  5. Suzi a Fabi jako páni džungleeee! Really stupid meet-up, but I had so much fun.