Saturday, 7 April 2012

Music post

Not actually a ,,Monthly music" as I wanted it to be, but let's call it a list of...,,My hyperchangeable music taste". Or something.

I'll sjust shut up now and throw a pile of music clips on ya, right?

As first, let's listen some soundtrack music.
This one, as you might notice, is from How To Train your Dragon movie - which I can higly recommend.
(For you, who knows me well, you know how I hate most of those animated movies. but this one is...aww.)

Somehow I just remembered on my time spended at france~
I really like that place.

This song is still so high on my list.
The best one for getting up at 0600 Monday morning.

Just digging up in my memories. :)

Koop, my love.

Looks kinda funny in my list, doesn't it. :D
I actually don't know who played it for me like a first, it was Ája or maybe Ňapy.
Altrough I'm not actually a K-pop lover, I agree that this is really addictive song.


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