Sunday, 22 April 2012


Colleague drawing 

Waiting for another lesson

There's another space behind the paper. 

 How to glue the pastel-destroyed hanketchief to a wall by the magiiic!

 Zdání klame.

 I'm planning to make a post about my favourite buildings in Ostrava. This is one of them, especially the right part. God, this house...It remembers the war.

 Me,mr spock and the tube.

Skirt, leg and the tube. 

Me in the shopping window!
Yeah, the tube was really almost bigger than me.)


 Funny Filip :D

 The history of photography lesson

In Olomouc, visiting exhibitions.
1. Arcidiézní muzeum Olomouc  - Gothic paitings and statues. I really liked the place it was in. New building showing old one. You could see the groundings, it was really beautiful.
2. Museum of modern art - František Skála , my most beloved artist, ever. <3
And photography exhibition at Olomouc Muzeum of Art. (I saw Sudek and few more really good photographers there. :3)

Overall, very, very cool day. :)

Me and classmate, waiting for the train.

Svinov station

Meh legs
New skirt

Classmates, co-workers and teachers admiring the depths of the well.



Olomouc :D

Olomouc! :D

Meh at Olomouc. :)

Aaaand Ostrava!

 :O Chris and kids. The world went crazy.

 Kids, someone's mommy and Chris with Špuky.



 Kid's legs.
Chris's legs.
Mine ligs.

 Me and Jimy.
,,How are you, bud?"

  Jim on Špuky. Ehm. :D

Me, throthling Chris.

Me and Ňapyyy! <3 

Punch from heart. :D 

 Turkiš deliš. 
I won't buy it again, ever.

Bouncing breasts!!! :O :D:D:D:D 

Pieces of today's outfit.

Oh yeah, I was wearing a jeans after a long, long time.


Sleeping Haido

Amande collection.
Maybe I'll write a rewiew later. :)

Me and my clon. (mommy)
Yeah, we DO have the same shoes.


Forever fan. also check out my new hair.

Taking photos for school at my grandmother's.


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  1. So did Marián stay dressed? Haha x'D but hey! You said you will add that video you had recorded. Where is it? D: xD
    "Hledám holku od 40 do 50" very goooood xDD
    Oh and I love gifs you added. They're funny. Esp. the one with two sunglasses x'D
    Btw I really like your new haircut ♥