Sunday, 29 April 2012


Another part of my diary.
:D I tend to make people's ass bigger than it actually is. :D

Piece of outfit.

Mine, her1. and her2.

On my way home.
With another tube.

My 30's Koblíž!

Awesome bowties! :)

...Also, I think I'll keep adding a ,,Useless videos" in my blog.
Like this one.
The ,,Vanilla chalva" day. Near the school there's a new heath food shop, called ,,Zdravíčko" with, imho, has the cheapest chalva bars in Ostrava. Also dry fruit and stuff...nyum.
I promised myself if I managed to go to the history of art lesson, I'll buy one chalva to myself. I did and it was amazing. <3

Funny knees (hella hurts lately).



(No comment to the ugly, but highly artistic floor.)


Be aware of the faceless.

How typical.

Fruit + icecream + griotka = heaven.

Also, I've cut my hair a bit again.
I think I won't wear it this way, though.



St Paul's

Isn't it beautiful?!
(Sorry for that lamp. It just...happened. :D) pocket camera didn't catch the lighitng. :(

Also, YT reccomended this to me today. I looove it!
You can listen to it while you'll be looking at my photos. :)

We all know this part.

Soft. :3


...They're supposted to be above your ankles. Me, with 159cm though...I am a happy owner of a nice normal lenght pants. :D

Ikea dinner.
(They salaads it...heaven.)

Toilets :D

I've ,,found" my old peace neklace...had to wear it!

For Ňapy ;)

Spacy monster

Shopping assistant in Promod really liked my rings. :)

Most comfortable shoes I ever had.
Aside of Dr Martens.

Gimme legs like those...?
(Those two shadowy stick on the RIGHT are my legs. Dunno what's the third one on the left. :D

My Animefest outfit. (For Sunday, probably.)

I didn't even bother to put some make-up on...

See you next week.

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