Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Suitcase from Hell! :D

Or, how Aki (or my personal Spock ^^) said: Now I have a place to live in. :D it¨s really...big. Not huge, but big. ..
It's black with blue borders....looks nice actually. Better than I imagined...(since it's offbrand and the price was really LOW.)

Okay, so all my stuff fits perfectly now (except my Star trek pillow. i really wanted to take it with me, but...sniff sniff. T_T)

...Yeah, it IS bigger. HAH! <3
(I'm still not sure how to call it...maybe Feregat...:D)


  1. :D I like this Feregat :D

  2. Elisse: Don't laugh! :D You know how it feels like when you have too small suitcase! :D

    Spocky: ...That smaller one is a Cosmic from RD...:D

  3. That's awesome! :D I want to name my things too :D