Thursday, 11 August 2011


Oh yeah, Advik. Anime Dance Weekend in Prague. 
I really enjoyed it.
I saw people I couldn't met last year, I took so many photos...(<3!)
And then I spend a week at my friend's, Brusinka!

'Can't wait to Animefest or next Advik!!! Aww! <3

From left ro right : Me, Haru, Fabi, Elisse, Tenshi
(Second day, after sleeping in gym O.o)

...Me, making photos weird. :D

 Me and my little page. :3 
Third day I think.

 Fabi and Elisse at Venceslav's square after arrival. 

 Second day, Advik gang! >:D

 My first officer mr. Spock and me, Captain Kirk.

Ah, this photo is sooo weird. :D
From left to right: 
Ellie, me, Aki, Haru, Nana (awesome cosplay!), Tenshi

...And finally me and my beloved soulmate, Brusinka.

...All my outfits are on LB already, so you can hype them here:


  1. Advik was really amazing with all of you <3
    But hey! Why am I the only one who looks badass on the gang photo? XD

  2. Yay, Captain photo! :D
    It was amazing, even though I was there just on Friday.
    Btw - that gang photo made my day :D

  3. Haru: Because you're reall badass!!! :D
    mr.Spock: :D:D I was so happy you were there! <3

  4. Advik was awesome. :D I feel the same as you, I also can't wait next con or fest.

  5. I haven't realised I have to bent down like this to hug you! ;D

    It was great day! The sightseeing and park and flowers and... thunderstorm! :D
    (Will you post some post-rain photos?)