Saturday, 30 April 2011

29th of Au-gusto

...I moved a lot in practices. There's only several things missing - if I keep working like that, I could have one extra week for learning...That would be really, REALLY good.

...I was at the concert of DX at Polanka (It's a small willage where my grandmother lives. Also two girls from DX, twins Kaishi and Nami lives there-) with Takeshi and Aki...It was sooo nice to see them again ^^
We really had fun. There was some another band before DX, Johanka z Parku. the were terrible... -_- It was also horrible to be there, since ohanka is my name and they used it for something so terrible O.o >< ...So we spend their concert on the floor on the back of the cinema (in last row) tickling eachother... ^^'' 
...Girls from DX were awesome though. <3

...After concert we came back to Poruba (by bus :D). Maya was waiting for us. We went for little walk around the Poruba, but Takeshi was tired, so they (with Aki) went home... And we with Maya stayed out bit longer. :3
,,I feel summer coming. also...It's 11:30 PM and I'm still outside with you maya. Yeah, summer is here." <3

...We walked around a bit and talked a bit and she gave me awesome present (it should bring me luck for graduation...we'll see :D) - It's old LOMO camera...It has perfect grip and it also works great, I'm taking a photos on it already. :3

...Maybe I'll update more at night. ;)

...I also think about posting my here...My mori, dolly, fairy, whatewer I tried...Maybe I will. :3

Chocolate chicken my father gave me on easter. It was so...weird.:D

I had to cut my hair, because of the jewel I'm making now...More about it later. ;)

Creepy-looking doll...It was probably angel, but...ow. :D

DX Action! :D

Takeshi and Aki are always funny ^^

Me at school in friday. I love our floor. <3

...And this is my new lomo. :3 It still doesn't have name though- I have to think about it. :D


  1. Oh dear, you went to Polanka to the concert! Was it good? Sadly I couldn't go although it's about 4 streets away from my house >< Damn job eating my free time! ;_;

  2. I was, t was amazing! Their best concert ever I think. :3 Where do you work?

  3. Tesco in Třebovice -_-; Not very proud of that, but oh well, serves me right for being a lazy student xD

  4. ...You know funny thing? :D I still don't know who am I talking with. :D
    ...Tesco isn't bad...I'd like to work there, I live about five minutes from there by tram. :3

  5. Well, you probably don't know me xD I watch czech harajuku from the shadows... I feel a bit like a stalker, yeahxD' I've never been to any meet-up nor I participate much in discussions and blogs and stuff like that. I just like the fashion and wish I had guts to wear something totally outrageous outside. Like bloomers or something xD'

  6. ...You're kidding right? I don't believe you! :D
    It's possible to be so quiet, hidden in shadows? O.o
    Oh, just wear something....something different, but still ,,normal" at last ^^