Sunday, 4 March 2012

The buses and stuff.

I was talking to one of my classmates/colleagues/friends last week and he told me he always gets the best ideas in the bus, while traveling. 

I don't. 

I mean - I plan to read the stuff I'm going to have a test from, I'm reading fanfictions on my mobile, books I took with me, papers and magazines I picked up from the mailbox...for like...five minutes.

Then people shows up. Colours. Sounds. Stuff. Traffic passing.

And my thoughts are racing.


Outside I look really...stuck.

How's you, thinking and traveling?

Have a nice rest of the day



  1. If I deliberately put away my books, magazines, ipods and sketchbooks, I can have some great mind wandery time when travelling, but I always end up going back to distracting myself! x

  2. I always want to read on bus... but I end up feeling sick after a while so I usually just stare, because I find it too noisy to actually think much... so I just look at stuff.

  3. I don't think you'll be surprised if I say "dance". But when I have the earphones in my ears(which is almost all the time) I have an unstoppable urge to choreograph every single one song on my mp3 player.
    It's actualy intoxicating :) It takes your thoughts away from all the worries. Because there simply isn't a room for anything else.