Monday, 26 December 2011

Photo meeting

There was another sweet loli/HC/whatever meeting in Ostrava.
I'm always so happy to see all my friends, especially when they wears lolita and others harajuku styles. <3
I can't wait for next meeting!
(I'm sorry for the huge signature, but it's needed.)

Also, because I'm the one behind the camera, (and bcs I was stupind and didn't take any photo earlier, or outside) I had to take photo of my ,,outfit" in our basement. So, here it is.

See more photos here


  1. These photos are..just breath taking! Really...a few tufts of candyfloss in the early winter weather... **

  2. I love your blog, thanks for commenting on my post!! your christmas post is amazing as well!! i am now your new follower! xx

  3. Tenshi: Thank you. I'm just a bit sad because my camera simply tricked me: it's display is lot brighter than actual photo - so now they're all too dark... It's not entirely bad because it kinda fits Vitkovite atmosphere, but still...:(

    Charliet: Thank you a lot! I'm happy for every new follower! <3

  4. Wow ty fotky jsou moc povedené, jsi moc dobrá fotografka!